Monday, August 8, 2011


I has been three years since the Fowlks Family has been out in our trailer. Why three years? I guess the reasons are many- one is soccer. Training, conditioning, tournaments- we have been dedicated to soccer! And work. Ross just hasn't had the time to take off during the summer for a vacation- between work and golf tournaments, mixed in with our soccer= no time!
This year we have gone out twice. The first was an eventful trip to South Willow- west of Tooele. No power, no hook-ups (which meant no potty, no running water) but that wasn't the worst of it. A flat tire on the truck- a spare that is the wrong size and nearly flat as well, and not a gas station in sight, no cell service-- the list goes on. We were happy to cut that trip short, although we took some great hikes and saw a rattlesnake and plenty of cows!
This past weekend we decided to go to Crystal Hot Springs. When we called to make reservations we were led to believe that the campground was empty- not a lot going on there- the slides are not working and one pool is out of service. Perfect! So we head out on Friday after soccer. The park was no where near empty- HOLY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE! Tents on every inch of grass available and trailers in every spot available, WOWSA! We woke each morning to the sound of babies screaming- toddlers squealing and teens laughing. (Family Reunions Everywhere!)
The kids hated the mineral pools- they were crowded and dirty. Baylie watched movies and played games- almost never leaving the trailer- and then there is Jayce! My MR. People person. Sometimes I feel that Heavenly Father sent him to me just to bring me out of my shell a little! I am not a people person- I do not talk to strangers- I actually try to avoid people most of the time- seeing the crowded campground was like a little piece of heaven on earth for my Jayce. He knew all the neighbors, and their neighbors, and their neighbors. He knew every dogs name. What fun he had! I always enjoy watching my family when we are away from home- or out of our ordinary world. Jayce could make friends with a fly- or a piece of dirt- or a gummy bear that he called "little buddy" for four days! I am glad we got to get out in the trailer for a few days before summer ends. I am hating the thought of school starting up again- I just love having the family home!


Pauline said...

Family time is great. Sounds like you had a great time.

Jill said...

Rob thinks camping with caleb could be fun. I am not sure. It was so fun to read the story!