Monday, July 11, 2011

A little case of BLACKMAIL!

This very morning my son has dressed himself in black basketball shorts- which are not really short on his short legs- they look more like floody pants, and with that a tan shirt that he wore yesterday and probably the day before- everything that has been anywhere near his mouth in the past few days is also on the front of his shirt, and with that his favorite knee length socks, tan plaid shoes AND his long sleeve brown church shirt- AND he did his own hair! YIKES! The kid looks part GANGSTA, part sissy boy and I don't even know where to go with the hair- Its a Mohawk that is pushed forward- so the point is on his forehead. Let me take a second to THANK Baylie for introducing this great hair style and for telling him all the high school kids wear their hair like this. The boy and I have argued all morning about the outfit and hair. He won- it is his body and he is old enough to dress himself- and it is not immodest-in fact in his eyes its freakin awesome- so I was working up a huge poster to hang on his back that said "My mom DID NOT dress me" He liked that which made me mad- so I tried going with "My DAD dressed me" which would be perfect because Jayce has to go into work with me today- that leaves the door wide open for some serious Ross harassing. But Jayce liked that idea too-So, I opted for blogging about him! My blog has been pretty boring since he banned me from telling the world about his funny life. Of course I told him that if he would change his clothes and fix his hair I wouldn't blog about it- that was a no-go, so here it is!
But I have to admit that I don't feel any better about it- I still have to take him to work with me- I am a little bit embarrassed by that. Maybe I will just slap a sticky note on his back that says "I DRESSED MYSELF- AND I DO MY OWN HAIR"

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Wendy said...

Hahahahahaha! I was laughing so hard reading this. I fully expect to be in this boat in another year or two...