Friday, May 29, 2009


Baylie received the "Clove Award" in Jr High this year. You might wonder what the Clove Award is. Well, its EXCELLENCE in Physical Education. This is not surprising with Baylie- Of course PE is her favorite class-- she does maintain a really great grade point average, so PE isn't the only class she gets A's in---- but the Clove award also came with a $100.00 bill! What the heck??? Where was this award when I was in Jr High?? PE was the only class I received A's in- and I would have loved some cash for that accomplishment!
Congrats Baylie! We are proud of you!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Murray Max!

Baylie has played for several years with this group of girls. They have had their hard times- when they have been at the bottom of the standings with no hope of moving up- and they have had their great times! This season has been one of their best! They have moved up in the divisions- they were playing more competitive teams- they are playing longer half's- they have had injuries- they have been pushed, shoved and knocked to the ground. Baylie is sporting a fine limp herself this season! But they worked through it, practiced hard, and had a great season!
This picture was taken after their last tournament. They took second place! Nice work ladies!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Don't mind if I do...........

and other embarrassing moments in the life of Jayce's mom.

1- No pictures so use your imagination on this one!
At the baseball diamond is a large gray electrical box that children often sit on or stand on or jump off of- Imagine this box is a nice, comfy pillow and Jayce is a cat, stroking the pillow (box) preparing to lay down and relax. Jayce has this dreamy face on, loving the pillow (box) for the comfort it will soon provide. Mom is watching and so is another lady--- When the stroking is finished he loudly states "Well, I don't mind if I do!!!" And then climbs up onto the pillow(box) and snuggles right in!
The lady looks at me and said "That little boy is weird!" She did not know that the boy was mine- and what could I say??- He is a little weird!

2- At the Grocery store- the checkers seem to think that Jayce does the shopping and that I am just his caretaker- sometimes I think I am actually invisible, as they talk to him more often than they speak to me! This shopping day Jayce immediately asks the checkers name- its Robyn- "I'm Jayce" Blah, blah blah----- Then Miss Robyn asks- "Jayce, did you find everything you needed today?"
Me-- silently thinking, Robyn, WHY did you ask HIM that question--- DO YOU SEE ME?? I am the adult here!!!
Jayce scratches his head to think, and then says "Well, I am kind of itchy and I think I need a flee collar- do you sell any of those?" Miss Robyn will certainly send someone to look for him. Jayce said- "No, I usually buy them at the pet store- so we'll just go there."
Just so you know- he does not have flees!

3- To a nice gentleman who was getting out of his truck which was pulling a horse trailer- "Hey, are you taking your horse to the horse pound??" The man was nice enough to ignore him!!

4- We were drawing pictures of ourselves in preschool- to show how much we have grown this year. Miss Karen traced the child and Miss Shelli helped with the papers- laying them out- getting crayons- and then rolling them up afterward to be placed in the cubbies. Jayce was finished and when I saw his I was shocked, but I thought I would keep my cool and roll that thing up just as fast as I could, before Miss Karen see's it! I am rolling like a mad woman and Miss Karen says "Miss Shelli, who's paper is that?" Oh, its Jayce's! LAUGHTER!! Of course it is! Jayce says, "Miss Karen, I colored my dots, but I am too tired to finish so I can do it at home!" (see picture at right- I haven't let him finish at home- I am afraid of what he will draw next!)

4- On our way to preschool today- its graduation day and we are excited and dressed up for the celebration- Jayce is blowing his nose- its a good 30 minute drive- and finally works out a nice size boogie! He says "Mom I need a Kleenex here" --sweet, I have nothing, so he has to wait until we get there- I look back and the boogie is sitting on his pant leg, near his knee. After 5 minutes or so he informs me that he no longer needs a tissue. Why- where did that boogie go? "I put it back!"
This time I had a camera handy- What a kid!! Picture at right is the boogie after it was put back in!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dear Primary Presidency and Teachers of the Jefferson ward

Last year Jayce had this cute "Sunbeam" size Book of Mormon that he faithfully took to Primary. One Sunday the sweet Sunbeam teachers suggested that we leave the book at home, as it was creating distractions during lessons. The Book of Mormon now sits on a shelf in the family room, to be used only during FHE and scripture reading- and it is still creating distractions during lessons.
Two weeks ago we retrieved Jayce from Primary- and he was missing his tie. I chased the teachers down- they were escaping to the parking lot- and asked if they had his tie! Sure enough they had it and they shared this with me- "The tie was stuck to his ear!" What? Yes- he clipped the tie to his ear and it REALLY, really hurt.
That darn tie is now causing problems in Primary.
This last Sunday we opted out of the tie. Like the Book of Mormon, it will sit on a shelf and be used during special teaching moments---- for now.
So bookless, tieless- we take our Jayce to Primary. We think we have it under control!
When we pick him up, his shirt is on backwards. Apparently the shirt made several rotations during the lesson.- I am waiting for you to contact me and ask that he leave his shirt at home because it is causing distractions during the lessons- and then what- lets face it ladies- even if I send him NAKED- he will find something to play with and-- um, lets not go there!!
I LOVE you ladies, who so patiently and joyfully care for our little ones at church!
I am so grateful for you, for your time, your energy, your wonderful lessons!
Thank You for loving our little man Jayce-
I will gladly come and sit with him if you think it will help!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I need your address if:

1- If you are related to us and: (if your not- skip #1 and go to #2)
*You live in California
*You live in Texas (Danette I have yours!)
*You are a Utah county dweller (Becky, Chad- PLEASE!)
*You are the cutest cowgirl cattle driver Circleville has ever seen!
*You are the brother of that cowgirl!
*You don't trust me to have the correct address- Desirae, this might include you since your Christmas card was returned to me- Its probably safe to say that nobody should trust me to be organized in the address dept!-

2- If you are our friend and
*You are certain you have given me your address every year for as long as you have known me- What can I say- I feel like a walking disaster right now!

3- If you are a ward member- past or present and
*You are certain that I will not be able to locate the ward or stake list any time soon!
*You ditched the Jefferson crowd and went to the Liberty side- or the Heritage side-
*You have moved to Davis county- or Utah County- or down the street -or to another city- or Texas or- wherever it is that you went!

I am working on getting the wedding announcements out. I promise I will not ask for your addresses again for.......................... at least 6 months-
Thank You for your help!! You are the best!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I've got the blues.........

Jayce isn't feeling well today. When I ask him whats hurting he says "nothing, I think I just have the blues!" Silly boy- I think I know just what to do about that- Chocolate and soda! Works for me!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Todays Funny

Thursdays soccer game was in Ogden- and we WON!! YEAH! The funniest thing happened there! When our girls score, the parents have a large can full of coins that we shake and make quite a ruckus with- and then we pass it down the line and every parent adds a quarter. This in turn pays for the end of the season "party" for the soccer team- and they have had some great ones!
Jayce LOVES to take the coin can down the line of parents- being the social kid that he is- this gives him "chat-time" with every adult and child within his mothers comfort zone.
As he took the coin can down and visited, he looked at the final 3 parents and then turned around- not giving them a chance to put their coins in the can- I stopped him and asked him why he skipped them and he said
"Mom, those people look like they don't have any money!"
We all laughed!! One of the mothers is a school teacher and she was correcting papers- working for a living- and he did not want to take money from her- the other couple has a daughter that has been fighting asthma during the games and Jayce said they should go to the doctor with their money-- (They go to the doctor PLENTY-- ) Its so funny how children see things!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Space Room

Jayce's room is finally completed- except for the steering wheel that he is begging for- tough to drive a space ship without the steering wheel- but here are some pictures! Ross worked really hard to get this just the way Jayce wanted it- and that in turn created a few very JEALOUS siblings! Jordan, Kelcey and Baylie have all mentioned how they had wanted something similar and never got it! Poor kids!

Monday, May 4, 2009

My summer job!

Off and on we talk about me getting a job at night when Ross is home with the little one. I had not realized that this was a concern to Jayce. Apparently he has been "nervous"- that's his word, not mine- about me leaving at night to work. So he woke up bright and bushy tailed last week, and SO happy to announce that he had a plan for my summer job!

I will be helping him build SNOW CONES to sell to the neighbors.

What can I say? I am so glad that I finally have a job. I sure hope the neighbors plan to buy A LOT of snow cones!