Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Murray Max!

Baylie has played for several years with this group of girls. They have had their hard times- when they have been at the bottom of the standings with no hope of moving up- and they have had their great times! This season has been one of their best! They have moved up in the divisions- they were playing more competitive teams- they are playing longer half's- they have had injuries- they have been pushed, shoved and knocked to the ground. Baylie is sporting a fine limp herself this season! But they worked through it, practiced hard, and had a great season!
This picture was taken after their last tournament. They took second place! Nice work ladies!!!


Becky Gray said...

It has been a long time coming. They have been together a while and stuck together!! It was great that they have had such a great season. Way to go Girls!!!

Des said...

That is awesome! Congrats girls!

*Jordan and Whitney* said...

Yay for Baylie. I always like watching her games. She is hard core.