Friday, May 22, 2009

Don't mind if I do...........

and other embarrassing moments in the life of Jayce's mom.

1- No pictures so use your imagination on this one!
At the baseball diamond is a large gray electrical box that children often sit on or stand on or jump off of- Imagine this box is a nice, comfy pillow and Jayce is a cat, stroking the pillow (box) preparing to lay down and relax. Jayce has this dreamy face on, loving the pillow (box) for the comfort it will soon provide. Mom is watching and so is another lady--- When the stroking is finished he loudly states "Well, I don't mind if I do!!!" And then climbs up onto the pillow(box) and snuggles right in!
The lady looks at me and said "That little boy is weird!" She did not know that the boy was mine- and what could I say??- He is a little weird!

2- At the Grocery store- the checkers seem to think that Jayce does the shopping and that I am just his caretaker- sometimes I think I am actually invisible, as they talk to him more often than they speak to me! This shopping day Jayce immediately asks the checkers name- its Robyn- "I'm Jayce" Blah, blah blah----- Then Miss Robyn asks- "Jayce, did you find everything you needed today?"
Me-- silently thinking, Robyn, WHY did you ask HIM that question--- DO YOU SEE ME?? I am the adult here!!!
Jayce scratches his head to think, and then says "Well, I am kind of itchy and I think I need a flee collar- do you sell any of those?" Miss Robyn will certainly send someone to look for him. Jayce said- "No, I usually buy them at the pet store- so we'll just go there."
Just so you know- he does not have flees!

3- To a nice gentleman who was getting out of his truck which was pulling a horse trailer- "Hey, are you taking your horse to the horse pound??" The man was nice enough to ignore him!!

4- We were drawing pictures of ourselves in preschool- to show how much we have grown this year. Miss Karen traced the child and Miss Shelli helped with the papers- laying them out- getting crayons- and then rolling them up afterward to be placed in the cubbies. Jayce was finished and when I saw his I was shocked, but I thought I would keep my cool and roll that thing up just as fast as I could, before Miss Karen see's it! I am rolling like a mad woman and Miss Karen says "Miss Shelli, who's paper is that?" Oh, its Jayce's! LAUGHTER!! Of course it is! Jayce says, "Miss Karen, I colored my dots, but I am too tired to finish so I can do it at home!" (see picture at right- I haven't let him finish at home- I am afraid of what he will draw next!)

4- On our way to preschool today- its graduation day and we are excited and dressed up for the celebration- Jayce is blowing his nose- its a good 30 minute drive- and finally works out a nice size boogie! He says "Mom I need a Kleenex here" --sweet, I have nothing, so he has to wait until we get there- I look back and the boogie is sitting on his pant leg, near his knee. After 5 minutes or so he informs me that he no longer needs a tissue. Why- where did that boogie go? "I put it back!"
This time I had a camera handy- What a kid!! Picture at right is the boogie after it was put back in!


The Brown Family said...

Err... uh... nice "dots" Jayce! LOLOLOL! The boy kills me. What a wierdo he is. I LOVE IT! At least he didn't eat his boogie... right? We miss you guys. What are you thinking? You still planning to come out in June or did Kelcey moving the date up change things too much???? Let me know. Only 4 weeks away! LOVE YOU

Jessica said...

SO FUNNY! He's sure awfully friendly, nice little guy too.

Pauline said...

Never a dull moment with Jayce right?