Monday, May 4, 2009

My summer job!

Off and on we talk about me getting a job at night when Ross is home with the little one. I had not realized that this was a concern to Jayce. Apparently he has been "nervous"- that's his word, not mine- about me leaving at night to work. So he woke up bright and bushy tailed last week, and SO happy to announce that he had a plan for my summer job!

I will be helping him build SNOW CONES to sell to the neighbors.

What can I say? I am so glad that I finally have a job. I sure hope the neighbors plan to buy A LOT of snow cones!


Becky Gray said...

Jayce is a very Bright kid.... That is the perfect job for mom!!!

Rach said...

I'll buy a snow cone! Or 3 . ..

The Olson Gang! said...

ahhhh...... Will he be hiring any more help? I could use a summer job as well! Kids are so funny - I've been talking about going to school this summer - and Bry has been "worried" about it too... She told me the other day - that she will stay in school if I will stay home.... one reason.... I'm too old... 2nd reason, because she needs her mom here, I apparently had my chance to go to school and now my school days are over. (YEAH!!! - I'm so glad she set me straight on that one!) :) KIDS!!! They are sooooo funny!

Megan said...

wow what a refreshing job! seriously if you get hot while you tracking around you can just "borrow" some of the product! sounds good. jayce will make a great boss too :) just don't forget to stop by my place.

you know i was just thinking about it and you may have some competition. i just saw the ice cream truck outside....hmmm... you could always slice the tires on the truck... hahahaha kidding i am so done! ta ta