Friday, May 15, 2009

I need your address if:

1- If you are related to us and: (if your not- skip #1 and go to #2)
*You live in California
*You live in Texas (Danette I have yours!)
*You are a Utah county dweller (Becky, Chad- PLEASE!)
*You are the cutest cowgirl cattle driver Circleville has ever seen!
*You are the brother of that cowgirl!
*You don't trust me to have the correct address- Desirae, this might include you since your Christmas card was returned to me- Its probably safe to say that nobody should trust me to be organized in the address dept!-

2- If you are our friend and
*You are certain you have given me your address every year for as long as you have known me- What can I say- I feel like a walking disaster right now!

3- If you are a ward member- past or present and
*You are certain that I will not be able to locate the ward or stake list any time soon!
*You ditched the Jefferson crowd and went to the Liberty side- or the Heritage side-
*You have moved to Davis county- or Utah County- or down the street -or to another city- or Texas or- wherever it is that you went!

I am working on getting the wedding announcements out. I promise I will not ask for your addresses again for.......................... at least 6 months-
Thank You for your help!! You are the best!!


The Brown Family said...

Why can't I be a cute cowgirl... in Temecula... that sounds kindof country-ish... not as much as Circleville... I mean who in the world came up with that name anyway? Yee Haw... Sheesh, well here is my address, ya'all have a good day!
41819 Asteroid Way
Temecula, Ca 92592

Josh & Leslie Warner said...

just in case you dont have mine 5426 Lighthouse Rd. Taylorsville 84123. I really want an invite.

Barnson Family said...

Well ya see here we dont have address we all have PO boxes down yonder!
So therefore my "Address" is

PO Box 68
Circleville, UT 84723

And don't ya'all be pokin fun at the name of my town- I am sure a group of well educated men came up with the name!!!
I am so glad that you are allowing us circlevillians to attend ur wedding festivities! Thats a huge honor for us- we don't get out much ya hear!
LOVE ya'all

Amber (aka the ranchers wife!)