Monday, May 18, 2009

Dear Primary Presidency and Teachers of the Jefferson ward

Last year Jayce had this cute "Sunbeam" size Book of Mormon that he faithfully took to Primary. One Sunday the sweet Sunbeam teachers suggested that we leave the book at home, as it was creating distractions during lessons. The Book of Mormon now sits on a shelf in the family room, to be used only during FHE and scripture reading- and it is still creating distractions during lessons.
Two weeks ago we retrieved Jayce from Primary- and he was missing his tie. I chased the teachers down- they were escaping to the parking lot- and asked if they had his tie! Sure enough they had it and they shared this with me- "The tie was stuck to his ear!" What? Yes- he clipped the tie to his ear and it REALLY, really hurt.
That darn tie is now causing problems in Primary.
This last Sunday we opted out of the tie. Like the Book of Mormon, it will sit on a shelf and be used during special teaching moments---- for now.
So bookless, tieless- we take our Jayce to Primary. We think we have it under control!
When we pick him up, his shirt is on backwards. Apparently the shirt made several rotations during the lesson.- I am waiting for you to contact me and ask that he leave his shirt at home because it is causing distractions during the lessons- and then what- lets face it ladies- even if I send him NAKED- he will find something to play with and-- um, lets not go there!!
I LOVE you ladies, who so patiently and joyfully care for our little ones at church!
I am so grateful for you, for your time, your energy, your wonderful lessons!
Thank You for loving our little man Jayce-
I will gladly come and sit with him if you think it will help!!


Rach said...

I noticed during Sharing Time that his shirt was on backwards, but he was paying attention to the lesson, so I didn't think it was really a big deal!

Also, we've been giving scripture stickers to the kids who bring their scriptures to church, so maybe he is ready to start bringing his Book of Mormon again.

We love Jayce!

Becky Gray said...

Jayce is so dang cute!!!! He is a little boy, he can not be the only child who will play with his tie..? I bet he is the reason his teacher comes every week. I bet Jayce tells the best stories!!!

Des said...

Yes, Sherrie shared all of these stories with me and she and OJ love Jayce! They think he is such a cute, funny kid and I agree. Hey, at least he keeps things interesting, right? :)

{Melissa} said...

hahaha! He is such a funny kid!