Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Jayce!

Jayce turned "5"!
The day began for him with Pajha and Kelcey jumping on the bed to wake him up! Pajha proudly announced that Jayce grew during the night! He is so much bigger now because he is 5!
We sang to him at pre-school, and had a few friends and Ross's family over for pizza, cake and ice cream! Jayce wanted everyone to know that you dont officially turn 5 until you have blown out the candles! Thats good information to have! In that case I should be about 25- since I havent blown out any candles for a few years!

Thanksgiving was great also! The Christensen side got together for family pictures. This is quite an experience when mom and dad have eight kids and those eight kids have husbands/wives and kids of their own and some of those kids have spouses and kids of their own! It was crazy but worth it! Thank You Shontell for getting that arranged for us!- Dinner was nice also! I decided when the food was ready to let those hungry men go ahead of me- I thought it was a good choice! It turns out that I should have shoved my way to the front of that line! The sweet potatoes were gone- the stuffing was gone- - Drat! I learned a lesson- Dont feed the men first!!!
I was forced to eat veggies and fruit salad and great pasta salad (yum!)- and to make up for the fat I might of lost by not having the stuffing and yams- I ate 1/2 of a pie by myself!! That'll show 'em!

On the GOOD NEWS side of things- KELCEY IS A GRADUATE!! She finally finished cosmotology! She will take her state test in January! Good Job Kel!


The Olson Gang! said...

So - YOU are the one to blame for no food left....? :) Just kidding - Here's what I vote time we only put out 1/2 the food - let them go first - THEN bring out the rest of the meal - the yams, stuffing, etc.... What about that? Do you think that would work? Because... I really don't think that we will solve the problem by making MORE still disappears just as quick! So, 1/2 the food to start.... then bring it out after the guys fill up..... HEY!! What happened to ladies first? Just wonderin'.... It's probably best we not get in HUNGRY MEN BEAR'S way! Right??? Hey, we'll get this figured out!

Thanks for all your help and hard work too! I must say - I've got the best family ever! It was YUMMY and great fun and certainly entertaining!

Thanks for the adorable craft!!! Now that I am thinking a little clearer...due to a few hours of shut eye - I got it!! YAHOO!!! And had to go and get stuff to do my own!!! GREAT IDEA!!!!

Thanks for your thoughtfulness too!! You never cease to amaze me!

PS - you left your whipping cream... I'll bring it over to you!

Love ya!

Des said...

Congratulations, Kelc! I'm so proud of you! I'm glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving and that Jayce had a good birthday. Logan was excited to see him. I saw Jayce over at Grandma's today. Love that kid! He is so stinkin' cute!

lori said...

Tell Kelc congrats for me I am so glad she finally made it :)

The Isoms said...

Thanks for inviting Logan to the party I know he had a great time! To bad there wasn't more time for them to play...maybe next time we are up there or next time you are here!