Sunday, September 14, 2008


We have a "good news" minute every Sunday at church. I never have good news of my own to share--Cant we have a "bad News" minute- or hour-- or however long it takes??
I know the idea is to focus on the good things that happen during the week, so I am trying to do this and wouldn't ya know it I thought of TWO items of GOOD NEWS!!
My sweet brother Chad married the beautiful Becky three years ago. She has a son who is 11 and in the 6th grade named Cameron. Cam wanted from the very beginning to be adopted, and it took awhile, but on Thursday in a little Provo Court house, Cameron was adopted by Chad!! YEAH!
And secondly, my sister and dear friend Kerryne and her two children, Payton 7. and Pajha 4, will be moving into our house on October 28. Bjay, my brother-in-law, is going to Korea for a few months and we will be happy to have her and the children back in Utah. (They have lived in Cyprus which is a little island in the Mediterranean Sea near Turkey for a few years.)


Pauline said...

With our good new minute Sunday I had to share that Danette and Chad made it through the "Ike" not without distruction all around them but they are ok and their house made it through ok so we feel very blessed look on her blog and you can see some pictures

CBChristensen said...

Thanks again for coming to Lil' Cameron's adoption! It meant a lot to all of us. Cameron was gleaming all day!

The Olson Gang! said...

Well.....GOOD NEWS THAT IS!!!!

I miss out on that...I wonder if our ward does anything like that??? Haven't been to RS for about 6 years - and even then it was ever so BRIEF! Good idea though!

I think you always have good news! If you should need some help - let me know - I'll remind you ..... LOL!!!

Love ya!

The Brown Family said...

Great news... all of it, but my good news is that Bjay is NOT going to Korea after all, and that my dear friend and sister Shelli (he he) is allowing me and the kids to crash at her already FULL house. I can't wait to get there. I just want to go NOW! Love you