Thursday, August 14, 2008

Soccer Tournament

Rain seems to be the only weather we have lately! And soccer stops for nothing!!
So we were able to get a few pictures during the tournament. The Team did well- and
won a game on Thursday- a shut-out, which gives us a few bonus points in tournament standings, then came Saturdays 8:00 AM game, which means that the players show up NO LATER than 7:30 AM- and the games were all in Kaysville. Imagine the Fowlks Family leaving the house about 7:10ish and hitting the freeway, Ross at the wheel-
Yes, that would be a ticket! So NO we did not make it for the 7:30 cut off- but we were there by 7:45, ticket and all!!

The team played two games on Saturday- winning one, one lost! And the began agian on Mondays RAINING morning! Now IF we win this game- we will play at least one more game today in the drizzle- possibly two more games- and if we dont win, we are free to go home for the rest of memorial day! -So we didnt feel terrible when we lost the first game- we were very wet and some girls- Baylie in particular, very muddy! It was time to go home!!

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