Thursday, August 14, 2008

When can you come?

Jayce has only one concern today- when can Payton and Pahja come to my house?
We hope soon!
We had a great time at the Olsons, snuggling Gracie and eating great food.
Jayce played Minute Man with BryLeigh. I am still unsure of what Minute Man is- I think I will have to sign up for a lesson in that game! Jayce says that him and Bry's have plans to play again soon! They used a "white wood" for thier flying car and "black for the time computer."
We had to leave because Jayce had to get home to do his homework!

(Shonie, I hope your cute sisters-in-law know that I really dont make him do homework- He just likes to talk big!

The reality of life today is that Baylie has had INFLUENZA A- (did you know they test for this and can actually treat it with medication when it is caught within the first 2 days?) WHO KNEW- not me, so I waited too many days and then it had to just ride its course. She ultimately missed 7 days if school- doctors orders- and has a gob of homework to do to catch herself up! So we are all doing homework today! (And she has been declared free of the virus since early last week! YES!)

Jordan and Whitney went to nice sunny Vegas to see the Nascar races. They should be returning tonight and we hope they had a great time.

Kelcey is inching even closer to the BIG 18! FREEDOM! (She thinks)
Anyone have a great idea for a party?
And Ross and I went to the gymn together for the first time in years- I have been running with Baylie and her soccer team- Ross hasn't been working out much- so I kicked his butt, had to leave him in my dust!!
He will soon be outrunning me- so I am taking this opportunity to BRAG now!!

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