Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My FUNNY Life!!

Funny #1
This takes the cake! This summer I have had the JOY of spending time with my nieces and nephews a few days a week. There's my sister LeAnnes son, Kohen, who is 4, and my brother and sister-in-law's children, Morrison and Merrick, who are 7, Wellya, who is also 7, and Fania who just turned 5. Occassionally they are all here on the same day and its like a great big PARTY!
We had a party day last Tuesday. I returned from the gymn to find a full house. Baylie volunteered to take them all outside for a few minutes so I could get a quick shower. I did not lock the door- BIG MISTAKE!! The kids all love to play in my bathroom. They had chosen an Indiana Jones Theme for the day- so lots of sword fights and such were in the works when they came crashing into my bathroom just as I step out of the shower. HELLO!! MEET YOUR NAKED AUNT SHELLI!
Embarrasing for me- they didnt seem to mind, as they contiued their sword fights as if I were not even there!
Baylie laughed her buns off! Thanks for the help Bay!!

Funny #2
This is just as good as the first but happened a few weeks before and I am still recovering from the event- so I am a little sensitive about it all! But the story must be told!
We were enjoying a BBQ with the cheif and a few captains from the fire dept. one evening. Every one had a great time and we were preparing to leave. Ross went into the cheifs home to use the potty, and I went looking for him, knowing he was inside. It was very dark outside!! VERY DARK!!Okay, maybe it wasnt that dark!) So I was walking toward the light inside the house when CRASH!!- It sounded like a gun had been fired right next to my ear. Horrible! But it was no gun! Just my face hitting the glass door! It hurt! I left a very great impression of my nose and forhead smeared on the glass and I have a darn good bruised up finger as well. (I was holding a cup of ice water which exploded upon impact, thus the gun firing sound, and drenched me in water!) Why do I do these things at the worst times??
If I had been home alone and ran into the glass door- no big deal. Nobody would know! But here I am in front of the people Ross works with-- Stupid me!
Jordan is now working on a fence for the cheif- and he was proud to show Jordan the face print that his mother left on his door. Think they could wash that off sometime real soon!


Sally said...

Oh, that's sad for you, but so funny for us who read it! I love that the Chief hadn't washed it off and was so proud to show Jordan!

Welcome to Blogland!

The Olson Gang! said...

LOL~!~~~~~~LOL!!!!!!! LOL~~~~~!!!!!! Well, I shall add this to my post.."Our family should never leave home without the video camera!!" WELCOME ABOARD!!!! Hey!!! Now you can go down in history with Ross... Smacking into tree....then grocery cart return.... WELCOME WELCOME!!!! It's nice and comforting to know you got the "gene" as well!!! LOL!!LOL!!!LOL!!!!!!! I'm loving it! I can't stop laughing in my dark room - by myself...I'm going to wake the family!!! I LOVE IT!!!

LOVE YOU TOO!!! Thanks for making my night!

The Brown Family said...

He he heeeeeee! Your so funny! We are much more alike than I thought. I felt like I was reading my own stories, lol! I ran into a glass door at starbucks once, during the day even, with a glass mug in my hand, making the door shake, and a very loud bang that made everyone inside and out stare. Luckily the cup or the door didn't break. Silly Shelli! Hope you recover soon! I love you and miss you!

Pauline said...

Funny stories but you need to get a picture of the glass door with your prints on it and post it on the blog along with the story. Glad you up and running again.

J and T said...

I can see you running into the window in my mind. I love that the chief left the face mark in place. Good thing you can laugh it off. It makes for great stories. Tara

Des said...

I am glad to add your blog to my page. I love this blogging stuff. I feel your pain because, I too, have walked into a glass sliding door. We were in Tahiti with Jared (remember him) and his family. Not the greatest moment of my life.

Danette said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! It was fun to see you guys too!