Thursday, August 14, 2008

Birthday GIRL!

Kelcey wasnt feeling great on her birthday- We took her to Training Table at her request and she ended up in the bathroom the whole time. Her birthday party was put off several times, basically because she thinks her mom is lame for planning it- BUT- she had a great time and she even told me THANK YOU!! WOW!! Its a miracle! We played survival games for the things kelcey NEEDS to survivr in life- she chose the subjects- Food, music, fashion and money. She won a case of mac and cheese- the only food she eats lately, and some gift cards to her favorite clothes stores, her friends and family wrote some great songs for her and they won her $40.00 (thats in addition to the $200 we gave her for her birthday.) The tribes were divided into "family" and "friends". It was fun! (Thank You Shontell for the fun ideas!!)

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