Monday, January 25, 2010

Raising a Super hero................

Jayce and I took a look at his baby book today.
At 2:21 PM on November 26, 2003, I had a new little boy to raise.
By 10:00 that evening, I had a very sick little baby, and it was very possible that he would not live through the night.
This is when the first IV was placed in his little foot and he spent the night under the "lights", fighting off jaundice. The jaundice we could handle. Its treatable. It was the questionable blood counts that were frightening. My pediatrician is in Texas for the Thanksgiving break, so the "on-call" pediatrician recommends feedings every 2 hours with supplements. So like clock work I walk to the nursery every two hours and feed my baby the bottle that they have warmed to the perfect temperature and added the supplements for me- I can hold him while he eats then its back in the baker for my boy.
On Friday, the day I hoped to take him home, we learn that he is not maintaining a normal blood-sugar level, and the bili continues to rise. Saturday, the same. No improvement. Sunday, same story, with no hope for answers any time soon.
Monday, our pediatrician returns. Bless him! He takes a stab in the dark and orders x-rays on the babies chest and belly. The spots he finds in the intestinal track are not normal, so he consults with an Intestinal Specialist and gets the baby on the medication that will treat the infection that is lingering in his little body. 48 hours without feedings, 48 hours of IV's and needles and foul smelling medications.
He begins to improve and we are able to leave the hospital with our child 9 days after his birth- first stop- Primary Childrens Hospital. Quick out patient surgery for a pic line so he can continue the meds at home. He gets his first cherry Popsicle. That's what they give 9 day old babies after surgery- wakes them up. Then the home nurse visits and instructs a frantic mom. Another blessing, to have a paramedic for a husband, because I could not get myself to administer the meds. A trip to the hospital every day for the next 7 days to have blood drawn from his already sore heels. What an adventure. A look at this book always reminds me how blessed we are. I am so thankful for miracles!
Jayce, however, does not think this is a miracle- this was "a SUPER HERO intervention". The original IV was to replace the people blood with Super Hero fluid. Sometimes the fluid makes a baby body tired and then the doctors think they are sick. Also, the Super Hero isn't used to baby food so the nurses sneak the stuff in so that moms don't realize that they are really feeding the baby super hero potions. The super hero will die if the mom doesn't let the nurses do it, so they sneak. The lights that our super hero lay under for countless hours are not really lights at all- they are magnetic bone re-placers, taking the bone from the tiny body and replacing it with a "magnetic structure" and it takes time! The x-rays ordered by the doctor- not x-rays at all. That's when they put the x-ray vision into his brain. The only really strange thing is that they normally don't give "super hero" babies to moms that have wrinkles- this is quite puzzling to him.

So when his "magnetic structure" slams into the wall, because of the magnetic pull (hey, it happens!) I can calmly look away. This is normal "super hero" behavior. He cant help it. He has to learn to live with it.
When his laser eyes see things that don't exist in my world- I just shrug my shoulders and smile.
There's a lot I don't know about Super Hero's. What I do know is this- When I walk into the room and my little man is kneeling down, head bowed, asking his Heavenly Father to help him to be strong- That's when I know for sure I am raising a Super Hero!


Des said...

You should write a book of "Jayce-isms" and make a million dollars. I had forgotten all the trauma that came with him. Abbie had that infection in her intestines when she was 2 months old. Must have been that batch of kids He sent down that year. They definitely have the strong, fighting spirits. Heaven help us, right? :)

Rach said...

Shelly, that is an awesome story! Both the real and the Jayce versions. I was laughing and crying at the same time. You've got quite a kid there, you know?

Pauline said...

I agree with Des you should write a book. You would make millions. That is very hard I didnt really know all of what you went through living down here. But I was up there when little Abbie went through it and it is very difficult

Becky Gray said...

Oh my!!! You should be a writer. This story had my eyes tearing. I love your stories and Jayce is an awesome super hero!!

gomersue said...

I am so glad he holds Mike in such high regards. That made Mike's day. Send him over more often we need a little super hero excitement in this child free home

Ben and Kelcey Andrus! said...

I forgot all about all the drama when you had him. I started crying. My little bro is a super hero.