Monday, April 6, 2009


Its official! Kelcey is engaged to Ben Andrus!
The wedding is set for July 3- yep, thats coming up here pretty dang quick-
She is very, very happy and the ring is a beauty! I will post a picture tonight but had to let you know- we have been waiting for this for weeks-
On April first Kelcey woke up to a Ring box near her head- with a lovely note inside saying APRIL FOOLS! She was ticked! When he finally gave her the real thing he just set it on our kitchen counter- thats it- just set it there. She opened it, said yes and the rest is history.
Ben will fit in just fine with the boys in this household- a great tease, but can use some work on the romance side!


Becky Gray said...

So cute!!! I am very happy for Kelsey and the whole family... :)

lori said...

I am so excited for her!!! She seems so happy now. yay!!!

Des said...

Awesome! I'm so excited!

The Brown Family said...

Woot Woot.. Kelcey is moving out of your house soon, Kelcey is moving out of your house soon..

LOL.... I bet you are devastated. That is awesome though. I am super excited for her and you guys too.

We will be there next week (wed or thurs) sometime and I am staying until the following Tuesday! Lets make some plans!