Saturday, April 11, 2009


I need a toothpick for my little nuts!

I am still laughing!
A few weeks ago when we were slicing avocados, he asked if he could keep the "nut"- so I told him how my mom used to put toothpicks in the seed and set it in water- to grow a plant. That was the last of that. Then out of nowhere he remembers and -well- now you know the story!

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The Olson Gang! said...

Can't stop laughing!!! He just cracks me up!! Can I borrow him someday? Someday's I just need a little one like him around ... ya just never know what he might say! AND he always makes me smile!!! LOVE HIM!!! Well, love you all actually!!! Thanks for letting us rade your house!! It was great fun!! I know that we say this ALL the time! BUT we really do need to get together a little more often than we do.... which is like - 2 times a year??? I had so much fun! Bry couldn't stop talking all the way home! I heard a play by play - minute by minute account of everything she and Jayce did... TOO FUNNY! I too often wonder what life would be like without my BONUS PACKAGE!!! I'm sure glad Heavenly Father is in charge! He really KNEW what I needed to get through these past 7 years! HER! What a blessing!!! I couldn't agree with you more! BONUS babes are great blessings... but I also know - I'm good ending my BONUS'S now :)

Thanks again - for all your hard work, stress, anxiety, worry.... it all paid off! Don't you wonder WHY we do that to ourselves???? We just need to learn to "go with the flow.... go with the flow...."