Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our First

Happy Birthday Jordan.
He was born on April 9 1987
he was due on March 26 (yes thats Kelceys birthday)
I was a very stubborn lady back then and determined to have a natural childbirth so I was against being induced- so I have only myself to blame for his tardiness.
But I followed through with the plan- went into labor and they broke my water at 2:00 PM- he was born at 2:13 PM- it was a breeze! We left the hospital at 8:00 that night- just 6 hours later and never looked back-
-except for the many times we have returned for stitches, and a broken thumb (right on the growth plate so have him hold his thumbs up for you sometime, one is smaller than the other) a zillion bouts of strep throat and tonsils and adenoid surgery -
He was always a very quiet kid. He rarely ever complained.

Here are five things I love about Jordan
1) He adores his dad. They are great friends and probably talk to each other at least once a day.
2) He passes out at the sight of his own blood- he can handle seeing yours or mine- just not his!
3)He has two dogs that he treats like children, Molly and Nakita.
4) He loves to snowboard and three-wheel and four wheel and 2 wheel and- probably anything with wheels and speed would make him happy!
5) He has a very sensitive and quiet nature- he would not want anyone to know that, but its true and that's what makes him a really great person!

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Des said...

Awe, I love the picture of when he was 15. What a cute kid. Now he's all grown up and going to be a daddy! So exciting! Happy Birthday, Jordan!