Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't tell her!

I had to blog about Baylie and her Homecoming fun last week- but here's the deal- she HATES it when I blog about her. She has told me to never mention her name again on this blog- so don't tell her!! I really only have pictures- she is nearly impossible to get information out of these days (typical for a teenager!) I do know that they went to Boondocks and the Spaghetti Factory- the dance and then bowling. She was good and tired at the end of the day! Oh, and she rode in a very cool Limo! Technically she is 15 and not old enough to date- but we made an exception because of the "group"- they are good kids and all great friends!


Des said...

She looks beautiful and I won't rat you out! :)

The Olson Gang! said...

Love it!!! Why did I never get to go on such FUN dates???? And I've never been in a limo either.... SHEESH!!! Kids - do "spoiled" these days!!! :) But... that is why we LOVE them so!!!! They look like a GREAT bunch of kids!! That is the best.. just knowing that they are in GOOD company and protecting each other!!! SOOOO FUN!!!!! You look gorgeous Bay!! Ooops!!! Don't tell her - I'll be SURPRISED when I hear about it!!!:)

(And... where have you been ?? Are you LIMO-ING around town too?... MISS YA!!!! We need to make some plans girl...maybe they can include a limo.... (in the shape of a Sequoia or something? LOL!!) CALL ME!!! WRITE ME!!! ARE YOU THERE???? :))

Becky Gray said...

Great pictures.... Shellie how do we get them to stop growing up??? Bailey is so beautiful!