Thursday, September 17, 2009

A sad day-- with a happy ending!

Jayce is not loving Kindergarten lately. A few days back I kept him home because he had "marbles in the throat" (kind of like a frog in your throat -only harder!)
Then today when I picked him up he came out all sad. When I asked him what was wrong he said "I just really miss Baylie." Oh how sad. Especially since he and Baylie spend every second they are together fighting. SO I hugged him and we took the long slow walk to the car, me hobbling and "slowing him up" and him all sullen and sad. When we got to the car he said "Mom, I was just hoping you would say that I never had to go to school again in my life."

I visited with the teacher a few days later. Jayce has the "girls" doing his work for him occasionally, all he has to do is say "I am tired of this work" and some cute little gal will say "I'll help you Jayce so we can go play"- The little stinker! So we talk about a way to remedy this- he may spend some work time on the back table away from the cute girls, but he will do his work! And he seems a bit happier about school since then- his cute teacher is positive and notices all the good- and he is working so hard at school that he has to take a little "rest" when he gets home!


Pauline said...

Hope all goes well the Kindergarten teacher makes all the difference in the world if they like school or not so hopefully it goes well for all of you!

Des said...

Abbie had a tough time this week too. I think it all just hit her at once. That is so funny that he has the girls doing his work. Smart kid! Thanks for helping me with those packets and envelopes. It was fun to visit with you. We need to do it more often. :)

Barnson Family said...

I laugh so hard whenever I read your posts! I think Jayce is the funniest kid ever! I love the one where you are repeating his way long story and I can picture the whole situation in my head and I laugh!
I am sorry that my birthday sucked for you! I hope you get feeling better soon and your poor little foot heals! Every time I talk to my Mom I check on you and your foot!
Um replying to your message- Ugh no Brook is still way little she's like in the negative percentile and everything- she weighs like 12.5 lbs so thats not very big considering she is 7 months! Maybe one day she grow big and get some hair! I know I need to update pictures hopefully we can get some taken here soon! I lost both my camera's in all my moves so that is why there is never any pictures!
Hope you get better if you ever need to get away you can come visit me! Nobody can find you there it's great sometimes! Love you all

Sami said...

Jayce is a smart kids... getting the cutie's to do his homework. Thanks for sharing you fun stories with us. I can't wait to see some of the pictures of Bailey's Homecoming. This is from Becky, Sami forgot to log out... :)