Monday, June 1, 2009

Jayce really does have "DOTS!"

This time they are "Chicken Pox"- not so fun. When he began breaking out, I said to him "Jayce, I wonder what is going on here." He declared that he knew exactly what had happened- Oh really, I say- "Yes mom, I think I broke my laugh box- see (he tries to laugh and cant) Its broken all right!" After a few tickle sessions we discovered that the laugh box is just fine!
By Sunday Morning he was covered in the "dots!" Poor kid! The worst of it is that he is dying to play with his friends and cant. Last night he became very angry (this kid has a temper!) and was punching the sofa. I constantly try to teach him better ways to behave when he is angry- so I stop him and ask why he is angry- he said "I am not angry- I am just trying to kill the chicken that gave me these dots!"
Goofy boy!


Rach said...

Oh, no, chicken pox! Poor kid. Jacob told me yesterday that Jayce was sick, but I wonder how he knew. Hope he gets better soon, so he can seek revenge on that chicken!

{Melissa} said...

haha! I am laughing so hard. What a funny (but sick) kid. Hope he feels better!

Becky Gray said...

Your stories make me laugh.... Poor Chicken. :( I hope he feels better soon!!