Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday Baylie!

Baylie turns 15 today! Having a June 7 birthday has always been fun. She shares her birthday with her cousin Sharise-- and you've probably heard me say this before-She was actually due on May 31- so by the time June 7 came around I really didn't care if Shrise wanted to share her birthday or not- I just wanted to get the pregnancy over with and meet our little girl! Sharise has been totally awesome- she doesn't mind sharing her day! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARISE!)
Besides that, it has almost always been near the last day of school, or the exact last day of school on her birthday- and that always makes it fun.
This last week has felt like a "Celebrate Baylie" week. From awards, promotions, a dance, yearbook day, raging waters, lagoon--- she's been busy having fun with her great friends. For Promotion Night she let me curl her hair and put make-up on her- and paint her toe nails and finger nails and buy her a new dress AND heals! I was in heaven! She wasn't- but she sure looked cute! Don't worry- she had her soccer shorts on under the dress- the second she got in the car after, the dress was off and she was back to Baylie!
Have a Happy Birthday Bays! We Love You!


Becky Gray said...

Happy Birthday Baylie!!!! You are so cute thanks for being buddies with my Kenzie :)

The Brown Family said...

Happy Birthday Baylie. I sure hope you have a great day!!!

P.s. how are Jayce's Chicken Pox? By the way... the kids and I will be there on or around the 22nd for the wedding!

Pauline said...

Happy birthday Baylie by the way you really look nice in that dress. Its all right to wear a dress once in awhile. To honest with you I like the pants better myself. :)

The Isoms said...

Happy Birthday! You look so pretty in those pictures!!

Des said...

She looks gorgeous! I can't believe she let you do all that. Good job, Baylie! Hope you had a happy birthday!