Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The FINAL week.......

So its Tuesday and Kelceys wedding is Saturday!
What a week!
To begin with Baylie is at Southern Utah State University for soccer camp all week- I would love to be in St George- just to be close in case she needs me- but because of the wedding I am here and I feel like I am a rotten mom. On the up side of this- Baylie is delighted to be at soccer camp with her great friends and doing what she LOVES!!!- She does not think I need to be any where near her and she has made it clear that she will survive for the week with out her mom! Her one word responses to every question I ask say it all!
ME: Bay, how are you?
ME: What have your days been like?
So, I think she will be just "wonderful!" without my mothering this week! And it helps that Aunt Pauline in St George is willing to help her out if she needs a mom!

Many of you, family and friends, have offered your assistance for the wedding- so here is my plea! (I truly dislike asking for help, and I really dislike inconveniencing anybody- so I will tell you what is happening and IF you feel that you would love to help, GREAT!, If not you can pretend you never saw this and no one will be the wiser!)
Friday afternoon (2:00 on) Cupcakes need to be frosted and decorated
chairs need bows tied on (110 of them!)
table and chairs to be set up
mulch spread through remaining yard
carport will be all gussied up
frogs will be placed in planters

And there's probably a million other things that I have not even considered that need to happen on Friday- so if you want to join in the fun we would love to have you!
We will be between our house and Ross's parents (just behind us)!


Rach said...

Good luck!!! I'm sure it's going to be wonderful. :)

My strawberries are June-bearing. They didn't grow well last year or the year before. This is their third summer. We let them just take over, didn't thin them at all. They get a lot of sun and a lot of water.

Des said...

We will be there on Friday afternoon to help out. Not sure what time yet, but we will be there! Can't wait! :)

The Olson Gang! said...

We shall be there!!!! Can't wait!!!!

AND.... I just don't understand those dang kids! They think they are all grown up and don't need mom... HMMM!!! Well, let me just let you in a secret.... THEY'LL BE BACK!!! :) It's a temporary thing... You see, they think that they are wiser and smarter and know just about everything (it happens somewhere - usually between 12-17 I think that they call it TEENS and BRAIN DEAD! :)) but somewhere around 18 they realize (or their brain actually begins to return) and they discover that mom isn't so DUMB after all - and by the time they are 20! Well.... that's just a whole other story.... You are the wise one... Just let em have their WONDERFUL time! :) Cuz... you can too! :)

See ya Friday! Do ya need anything else?


Becky Gray said...

Shellie, I'm sorry I will not be able to be there to help you. (i will be in tooele with sami's softball) I know our girls are having fun... But I hope they stay out of trouble. :)