Thursday, July 2, 2009

Badges and Brides!

Last week was a big one for this family. Jordan was promoted-receiving his official badge! Happy to have finally finished boot camp, he is now a "real Firefighter" He began his first 48 hour shift today! The promotion ceremony was awesome! Jordan is what they call a "legacy firefighter" because his dad works for the department as well! There were 3 legacy firefighters hired this time around- and the higher ups on the dept. were excited about this new group! Congratulations Jordan!

And the wedding!!!
I am still working on accessing the official pictures- but pictures cant really tell the whole story! The sealing was beautiful! I hope they remember the wonderful things that were said to them! I cried and smiled and cried and smiled- there was just too much happiness to contain!
It was a beautiful day! The weather could not have been better! The company was amazing- all of our friends and family gathering at the reception! Just an amazing day!
There were only a few snags along the way-First one on Friday when my sisters and Melissa came to help frost cupcakes. Kerryne set a tray of freshly frosted cakes on a chair and then turned right around and sat on them!
The next snag- Bay had been at soccer camp for the entire week. ALL of her soccer shorts were stinky and sweaty- so for the first time ever she had to wear a dress without soccer shorts underneath. She even survived!
And because the week had been so busy- I am not certain that Jayce received the meals each day that he deserved- he may have had Popsicle's for breakfast and cereal for lunch and dinner- well- lets just say I was not the greatest mom for a few days!- We were getting little to no rest and it was wearing on all of us- so by Saturday he was really ready for the whole thing to be over with. We came home from the luncheon and had a few hours for him to relax- when it was time to get ready for the reception he cried and asked "HOW MANY TIMES DOES KELCEY HAVE TO GET MARRIED TODAY??"

And what a small world it is! Turns out that our daughter-in-law Whitney Grandpa Earl is the brother to BEN's Grandma Alice! CRAZY!! So Whitney was able to visit with some of her own family at the reception!

This day would not have happened without my family! So THANK YOU Ron and Verlaine for the use of your yard and home. Thank You Mike and Sue and Leslie for your help in the yard and with the shower. Thank You Shontell and Kerryne for your talents (Carport) and help with food, beverage and SMILES!!!(I always feel extra silly when my sisters are around!) Thank You Whitney for making that yummy slush and for filling in all the blanks for me!! Thank You Chad for carrying my camera around for hours- getting the best pictures for me!
I am sure I have missed a million people- THANK YOU ALL!!

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The Olson Gang! said...

AND..... let's not forget the BIG finale!!! (Sorry Whit... I'm sure she would rather just forget....)

I'll let you take it from here Shell! :)

THANKS for letting us help!!! It was so much fun - I'd say "Let's do it again next week....!" But I've thought about it and I think I'm good for a few weeks at least! :) However, I'd love to have the "sister" company again! Let's just do that! I know... Let's just go out and let someone ELSE clean up and wait on us! DEAL!?!?!!? When we goin?

LOVE YOU!!! Glad you took a break this week!