Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I didn't do it..............

but I wish I had!

While I was in California recently, my sister and I had this strange experience that I just cant seem to shake. Let me tell you about it.

We were in her car at a typical California intersection, cars everywhere, most of them speeding or honking, probably both, and we look up and see a man crossing the road. He looks perfectly normal, he is older, maybe even my age, so 40 something, should have been well trained in the road crossing area at our age! But he had that blind man stick- and he obviously was not accustom to crossing the busy California intersections. He had made it half way and then came to a screeching stop. (Let me tell you, for my own justification, that he was not directly in front of us- he was off to the right side of the intersection from us)
The screeching stop that he came to was right in front of a car- and then he jumped back several feet almost into another car- and this continued for what seemed like forever- it may have only been a few seconds- but Kerryne and I were cheering him on and then screaming "STOP" and "OH NO!" It was a horrible feeling, watching this helpless man dodge cars- and I said to Kerryne "WHY doesn't someone stop and help him?"
Now I am wondering why I didn't jump out of the car and dash across the traffic to assist the blind man. I was not driving, the children were safe, nothing was holding me down- but I didn't do it!
Finally a man stopped his car right in the center of the intersection and jumps out and helps the man across the street, only to learn that the man wants to cross again, so he helps him again- now cars are honking at his parked car and yelling at the man who stopped to help the blind man.
It was the strangest scene- my brother-in-law thinks it was some set up- just to see how long it would take people to help someone in need, probably being filmed for the world to laugh about later. If so, I am the lady in the red Jeep, screaming and terrified for the blind man but unwilling to get my buns out and help him- yep, that's me!
Next time I am so jumping out and getting that blind man to safety! I AM! You just wait and see!


The Brown Family said...

That was the strangest thing I have ever experienced here. I am now wondering if it was something like what Bjay thinks... and totally set up just to test people. What would possess someone that is blind and not well trained to cross streets to do such a thing? WEIRD!!!! I can't get it off my brain. We so could have done something to help him. Next time :)

The Olson Gang! said...

Well... I'm glad to know where you were now!! Next time you must tell me when you're leaving town! Did you think that I would tag along with you if you told me???? (I SURELY WOULD HAVE!!!:) ) Well, I'm glad to know that you are home now... maybe I'll be able to REACH you better...if you answer your phone :) .... AND.... WHy is it that YOU always have so much fun! :) I wanna!!!!

Welcome home! LOVE YOU!!!

We have a reunion to plan... I need your help!