Friday, July 31, 2009

Envy and a pain in the neck!

It's no secret that the "mom's" in our ward are the BEST EVER! They do fun and exciting things with their kids, and then they blog about it! So I was reading Racheal blog and Jayce came in to see the pictures of Jacob playing with this exciting goo- and he say's "Jacob's mom is probably a lot more exciting than you, cuz I never get to do that stuff." So now I am envying Racheal's spunk- she is too amazing- but I decide I can be cool too, maybe. So I march Jayce into the kitchen and we have our own goo making session- and I add red food coloring because Jayce is really into vampires and I am thinking blood- sounds like the cool mom thing to do!
I had fun in the goo-- Jayce had a problem- the smell of blood when you are a vampire gives you a pain in your neck- I did not know that- but it did, so I change the color to purple so he will stay and play, but the smell has already gotten into his nose, so he left me and the goo to take care of his pain in his neck (by playing with his cars). Now I have these disgusting looking hands from the food coloring and some awesome goo that I am not going to share!! Next time I want to be cool like Racheal- I am going to organize my closet!


Rach said...

Ha ha ha, I am sitting here laughing my head off! Maybe next time we make slime, we'll invite you guys over. Jayce it too funny, and thanks for thinking so highly of me!

The Brown Family said...

But does Rachael do slip and slides? LOL! That is too funny! What a nut that boy is... I might need some goo making lessons... teach me too so I can try to be cool! :) Love you

The Olson Gang! said...

SHEESH!!!! Always fun at your house... Can I move in? :)