Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Favorite arm and a baby on the porch!

The setting- our very small car, during one of our many travels to St George last week- (we went down Monday- came back Wednesday, went down again Friday, traveled to Circleville- 2 1/2 hours away) on Saturday, returned to St George Sat evening, drove back to Circleville on Sunday, back to St. George Sunday night and then home on Monday! TOO MUCH CAR TIME!!

JAYCE: Baylie, I am thinking about karate chopping you!
BAYLIE: Well, Jayce, I think I will karate chop you back then.
JAYCE: NO Baylie, MOM Baylie is going to karate chop me!
MOM: Baylie said she would karate chop you if you karate chop her-
JAYCE: WHY!! Why is Baylie so mean and why would she Karate chop me?

so, I patiently start at the beginning- remember Jayce that you said you were thinking about Karate chopping Baylie?



JAYCE: Baylie it is just cuz in my mind a karate chop could remove my arm so if you do it then I wont have an arm.

so she does it! And he cries for about an hour because he has lost his favorite arm!

At home Jayce enjoys looking at his baby photo album. He pulled it out this morning and said "Mom, are you sure that I belong to you and dad, cuz it looks like you just found me on the porch!"

Why does it look like that Jayce?

Because the first picture that you have I am all wrapped up and dad is holding a note- maybe that's from the people who left me on the porch.

No, Jayce. the note is from the nurse who weighed you and wrote your weight and height on this note and then we took a picture!

So the lady is a nurse?

What Lady?

The one who left me on the porch!

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Des said...

oh my gosh, I love that kid! How many times can I say that! He cracks me up! :)