Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The dreams of a mother!

In the process of planning and executing the wedding of our darling Kelcey, I allowed myself to dream! I dream of the morning when I would enter my family room, which I had scrubbed and tidied before I went to bed the previous evening, and it would still be tidy! The reality while Kelcey was here was that the family room became her bedroom every night. She has her own bedroom, complete with bed, pillows, and even her own attached bathroom, but for some reason it was not enough- so she would make a bed of the sofa, a bathroom counter of the coffee table, and a laundry room of the floor! IF she did not have to leave for work by 8:30 AM, then the family room could even resemble a war zone in the morning- with the remote to the TV clasped tightly in her hand, she would lay on the couch and scream at any person (usually Jayce) who wanted to watch something other than CSI-

So, every morning, while I cleaned up her bedding and her clothes and her hair pins and her food and cups from whatever meals she had consumed, I would selfishly dream of the morning after the wedding when this would no longer be part of my day!

I had not even considered that Baylie might take up right where Kelcey left off!

She did! And my little dream is shattered!

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Megan said...

awww that is so sad! seriously no one tells you that when you decide to become a wife and a mother that you suddenly take on maid and cook! blah. :)

glad the wedding went well though. i want to see some wedding pictures! how is everything going back in the ward? oh how i miss the women of the jefferson ward
:*( i dream of coming back and visitng but then i realized i would look totally retarded. because well... heck i only moved to boutniful! i would look pathetic driving down on a sunday just to say hi to my old ward that isn't even 20 miles away! ha ha.

anyways i really do miss you and everyone else. i sure miss your beautiful lessons and awesome hand outs!!!!