Thursday, July 16, 2009

Medicated with a touch of "CPR"

You might notice that my summer job isn't going so well- I have not sold one snow cone. (Don't worry Rachel- your first on my list- and I believe you ordered 3, would you like them delivered?)

Jayce also noticed that my summer job is not happening and he gave me some advise- for free!- because he is my kid, ya know!

"Mom, I think you need to just be more medicated!! It cant be that hard to sell snow cones!"

Speaking of medicated, I finally got around to the 5 year check up with Dr J.
The big 5 year old is under tall and middle weight, which is obviously genetic- Dr. J cant help us with any of that. The stinkin rash that we fight constantly on his skin is once again infected- so we will do the antibiotic orally and cream- again! (He has eczema that becomes infected easily)
He also has amazing powers- like most 5 year olds, he can see through things such as fingers and arms. However, he could not see through the walls and pictures in the office, and that's because he lost his "CPR" ring. When he has his CPR ring on he has the spirit with him to help him see through walls and stuff!
When Dr J finally gets a chance to sneak a few words in, he lets me know that academically the kid is soaring- no problems there- and socially, well he obviously likes to talk, and talk, and talk!
Then Dr J says "Would you be offended if I suggested that you get to know the principal really well?" I say- "Nope- its already on my list of things to do!!- I am all over that, she will be my best friend! In fact, I think I will just drop Jayce off at school, head straight to the nearest convenience store for a few chocolate bars and diet cokes and head right back to the school where Jayce will greet me from the little bench outside the principals door- The principal and I will enjoy our chocolate and diet coke while he chats our ears off explaining his latest scuffle- The bell will ring- saving the principal from hours and hours of chatter- and Jayce and I will come home!"
I just need to budget in the diet coke and chocolate bars- this could become costly!


Rach said...

That kid is a crack-up! I love reading all the stuff he says.

Josh & Leslie Warner said...

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The Brown Family said...

I LOVE HIM! Tell him so! He makes me smile! I love his sense of humor. We miss him terribly. I hope that you guys can come visit sometime, it would be so much fun!

Pajha got the WIERDEST rash I have ever seen right when we got back from our trip to Utah. The lifevest she used gave her a rope burn between her legs and she broke out with this nasty rash all over that area and on her belly. Wierd huh? I wonder if it was chicken pox or something? Strange.

The Isoms said...

So funny! They do have grwoth hormone shots...not fun though.
It's a good thing he an dlogan won't be in the same class...let alone school! That would be TROUBLE!

Pauline said...

Yeah I can't even imagine Jayce and Logan in the same school together. That would mean trouble for sure. But they are so stinkin cute you just gotta love em. Good luck Shelli with the school year I actually thought that when Brittany started school and she went through not one call from the office oh I take that back they called once when they told me that she could not see anything. what a great mom I am didn't even know that she was blind. :)