Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Trees............

Tonight I am decorating the Christmas Tree and I was struck with memories of Christmas Tree's past- and sometimes I just need to tell someone. Looks like your the someone that I get to tell- don't you feel special?
Several years ago a friend came to the door. It was Christmas time. We chatted on the porch, and she turned to leave, stopped suddenly, and said "Wait! I cant leave here without seeing your tree. I have been telling my kids that I need to see Shelli's tree for weeks now." I thought- "Really, why? There's nothing great about my tree" But I showed her and she left disappointed and unimpressed.
Who am I kidding- I was disappointed and unimpressed myself! Ever since Ross and I have been married we have made our ornaments. The years when we were dirt poor (which has been most of the years) the kids and I have been creative and made dough ornaments. We framed pictures of the kids with Santa and hung them on the tree. We stuck hooks in Christmas cards and hung them on the tree. I was a little embarrassed about the tree- So I made up my mind that very year that I was going to hit the after Christmas Sales and the following year I would have a tree that was fantastic! It would be all snowmen- white, light blues, silvers- just gorgeous!
The following Christmas I had two trees- MY TREE in the front room- to impress anyone who visited- and then the family tree in the family room with all the homemade ornaments. Was anyone impressed???
This year, we've decided to let Kelcey and Ben take the small tree- MY TREE- and we'll just put out the family tree.
Every ornament I hang that was made by one of my sweet kids is just a beautiful treasure-
WHY did I think I needed a beautiful "Snowman" themed tree when I had this amazing tree full of memories?
I love my family tree! Its OUR TREE! and it is beautiful!
Next time someone wants to see my tree I will proudly show them OUR TREE! But be prepared to spend hours hearing about each special ornament!
I'll be honest with you- I may feel a little envious of those perfectly decorated, color coordinated trees in other peoples homes- but nothing compares to the love and memories that are hanging on OUR TREE!


The Olson Gang! said...

I so agree with you!!!! I always wanted to have a "FESTIVAL OF TREES" tree... You know, the kind that makes you "gasp!" when you look at it!...but not going to happen around here! In fact this year... I think we'll just toilet paper our tree LOL!!! HEY! It's our tree! I even thought about gathering the gravel off the side drive way, spraying it gold and silver and putting it into "baggies and tieing ribbon around, with cute bows... then hang our little bags of gold & silver! (HEY! Its as close as I'll ever get to GOLD & SILVER!) WAIT! You can't steal my idea! K! :)

HOWEVER! I will admit... I'm very envious of YOUR tree! I have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted a tree like yours! I so wish I had the "MEMORY TREE!"... I guess my kids didn't go to the right schools and they surely didn't get a CREATIVE mom! because we have no "homemade" ornaments! I feel very JIPPED! I've ALWAYS loved your tree! It is BEAUTIFUL! AMAZING!! TENDER!!! and UNIQUE in a VERY special way! I'm jealous!...... now I for sure can't put up a tree here! SHEESH!! now I'm depressed.... I better come visit you and get IMPRESSED again! I LOVE YOUR MEMORY TREE!!!!

Shauna said...

Amen, sister! The family tree rocks! Those who don't have any ornaments made out of toilet paper tubes just don't know what they are missing. :-)

Rach said...

My mom's tree is a family tree, and mine is getting to be that way, too. None of the perfectly matching ornaments for me! And, Shauna is not kidding about the toilet paper tube ornaments - I have two on my tree. One that I made in preschool, and one that Jacob made in the same preschool, 22 years later.

Des said...

I have to admit- I am a two tree person. I have my tree in the front room by the window that has a theme, but we decided a few years ago that we wanted to have a tree with a "Birthday for our Savior" theme. So that's what we have. I do let the kids decorate it with me and they love it. (Although I admit I do have to rearrange a few of the ornaments after they have gone to bed, it's the perfection bug in me I guess). But our tree downstairs has all of those wonderful memory ornaments that I love and they just go to town on that one. I also have little table top trees in each of the kids rooms. I know what everyone is thinking, CRAZY! But it all stems back to my childhood when my dad was working in the tree lots and he would bring a little tree home just for our bedroom. That is one of my favorite Christmas memories. So we live in a tree-filled household and I love it. Christmas is awesome, isn't it? I love that it's a time for family traditions and creating new memories.

Anonymous said...

That is our tree! It has so many memories. Les and Josh helped us decorate this year, each ornament that was placed brings back so many memories. And yes, we have homemade ornaments from when we were poor and all of the ornaments from the kids school years. It is great! I love my tree because of the memories. Love ya Susie