Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A few things....

That I want to remember from the month of November.

First up- Baylie. I did not get into any trouble last time I blogged about her- so "pats on the back" to all of you for keeping it under your hats!
She recently went to dance #2 at MHS. The strange thing is that I have had 2 high schoolers before her and experienced 0(ZERO) dances. Shes been and Murray High for a whole 3 months and we now have 2 dances under our belts. This last one got me a little worried- she was really liking on this young man and I personally am not ready for boyfriends- but luckily she is totally her mothers daughter and by the end of the dance day (with activities ALL day) she was sick of him and needed a break! My advise to her is to wait to date until shes about to graduate from high school- meet someone, send him on a mission (giving you a few years to be a loner) and then settle down! It worked for me!

Next- Jayce. We will soon be celebrating his 6th birthday- its Thanksgiving day- but I just need to write down a few funny things that he has recently said.
1) We attended our nephews wedding and reception in St George this month and while pulling up to the church house for the reception he said "GEEZ, Do we always have to clean the church buildings?" Guess we have done that a few too many times!

2)"Mom, Will I ever be as old as Jordan?- He's like 50 right?" No Jayce hes only 22.
"Well, he is bigger than dad so I thought he was really old."

3) "Get this NAIL-HEAD off of me!" I am stupid, because I thought a nail head was the head of a nail- but NO- its the part of your finger nail that you would clip off- good to know!

4)"I am so glad that its winter cuz I am sick of wearing short sleeves on my legs!"

5) "When are you and dad going to sell our boring house?" This was after spending the night at Kelcey and Ben's. I had no idea that he would enjoy it so much. Now he wants to move in with them because they have more WII games than we have!

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Kelcey Kae Fowlks (soon to be ANDRUS!) said...

whoa whoa whoa! I went to ONE dance, remember with ROBBY WILCOX how could you possibly forget?!?