Friday, December 18, 2009

"I'm smarter than you think I am!"

This is how my days are going lately-
"Hey mom, I just wrote 'today'- see."
I look and it says "towday"
So- being the idiot that I am, I tell him that his word says towday- not today.
"Mom, don't you think I know how to spell tow? Its T-O-E. Gosh, I'm smarter than you think I am!" and he storms out of the room.

A few minutes later he returns and asks "5 plus 5 is ten, right?"
Yep, I say- "Well then how come when I add 8 and 2 it makes ten?"
I think to myself that I may have an opportunity here to show my little man my mean math skills! I take out 10 candy's from the dish and show him how many different numbers we can add that equal 10. He's slightly impressed- I can tell because he keeps saying "cool dude" over and over! He asks if this works with all the numbers-
Yep, I say- and he's off!
He pokes his head in a few minutes later and says "Mom, sometimes your smarter than you look!"
Score one for me!


The Brown Family said...

He kills me... what a goofball! Give him hugs for us, tell him I LOVE HIM SO MUCH and to give you a hug for me because I think your pretty smart sometimes too :) LOVE YOU

Des said...

What a kid. That is hilarious!