Wednesday, December 23, 2009

BACON for Breakfast

Baylie slept on the family room couch last night. Today is the first day of Christmas vacation, which means Jayce is up bright an early and ready to party!
He asks Ross if we can make Bacon for breakfast- and as we begin he has this sneaky little grin on his face and says-
"I am going to hook a string on the bacon and dangle it in front of Baylies nose! That's the best way to get her off the couch! Trust me!"

The frightening truth is that this is a pretty good idea- and it just might work!
Bay does love her food. Ask Jayce what he wants to be when he grows up and he'll say he wants to be "a pig, just like Baylie."


Pauline said...

He is so funny I am always amused at the things that he comes up with

Becky Gray said...

Poor Baylie!!! I want to know if the bacon on a string got her off the couch??? Jayce is a funny kid!!