Friday, August 21, 2009

You are as RUDE as a car

Having a 15 year old and a 5 year old with nothing in between does not necessarily mean that there will be no fighting.
Baylie and Jayce argue plenty- and its hard to tell who wins. Generally we just end up laughing because Jayce thinks he is going to outsmart Baylie and usually wont stop talking until she admits defeat.
The most recent argument was about how RUDE Baylie is.
Jyace "Baylie, you are as rude as a car" ( I am thinking that he must have been thinking size- like if rude was going to be BIG then a car would describe how BIG her RUDENESS is)
Baylie "Oh really Jayce. Thats funny"
Jayce "OH YEAH- well you are as RUDE as a house" (Still I am thinking the point is that she is pretty BIG in the RUDENESS!)
Baylie "Funny Jayce"
Jayce is steaming a bit now- he prefers a reaction- and is not getting it! "Well YOU are as RUDE as a meteor" (Gotta be BIG RUDENESS)
Baylie "Well Jayce I am actually okay with that because meteors vary in size- some can be as small as my fist, did you know that?"
Jayce "Baylie I wish you would just stop talking to me!!" Followed by some very frightening grunts, like he is the Incredible Hulk or something and if he grunts she will just admit that he is right and leave it at that- she wont- she cant- so the BIG RUDENESS FIGHT GOES ON AND ON AND ON AND ON!!
At this point I think I am becoming the woman that I never thought I would become! I have always LOVED having the kids home through the summer- LOVE IT! But its not so fun right now- I think I am actually looking forward to having them in school!


The Brown Family said...

ha ha ha ha ha... I love his angry sounds. The kid cracks me up. When does school start anyways? He is going to love it, it is nice to have the opportunity to "miss" them for a few hours a day. :) Love you all!

Chad and Becky said...

hehe... I can almost hear this playing out as I am reading it... I am always amazed at how much Cam and Casey fight (9 years between them). I just don't understand it. GL to ya!

Pauline said...

Enjoy it all to soon it is way to quiet around the house. :)