Monday, August 31, 2009

Good News---- and more good news!

The first day of Kindergarten was a success! Ross and I took the boy over- he immediately found Cian on the playground- and the rest is history. When the bell rang he was in the door, backpack hung and sitting down on the rug in class before we even got inside. He had no interest in saying goodbye. When Ross went by the school to see that he was comfortable getting on the bus, Jayce completely ignored Ross. He strutted to the bus and took his place beside Zoe. Zoe and Jayce have a history together. Zoe was born two days after Jayce in the same hospital. Jayce had an intestinal infection, which cause some Bili ribbon problems so while the antibiotics sorted his system out he lay under the lights in the nursery for hours upon hours for about 9 days. Zoe had a blood related problem and so she also lay under the lights in the nursery for hours and hours for 7 days. We left the hospital on the same day. They began this journey together- it was only appropriate that they share their first bus ride from kindergarten together.

The foot news is also good. I am required to keep weight off of until Thursday- then I can be all over the place with crutches - placing weight on it even and I can lose the crutches within a few days after that! Then its just me and the lovely black boot for 5 more weeks- when we will re-xray and move back into real life!
One funny moment from the Orthopedic experience- He asked if I had changed my diet recently (I am sure there is some medical reason for this question) and so I said "Yes, I gave up Diet Coke a few weeks ago." To which he laughs and laughs and laughs, and then goes to get his secretary so she can hear-- Apparently she refuses to give up her soda, and now she has a really great reason to NOT give it up- she could fall and break her foot- and I have a really great reason to take it back up- so I tried today, but it just gave me a stomach ache, I actually think I am going to be just fine without it!


The Olson Gang! said...

AWE!!! That is good news all around!!! YEAH!!!! Glad to hear that you all survived the first day of school.... that is just a miles stone in and of itself don't you think? AND then to hear that the foot is going to make it - even better!!! AND to see you have joined to "soda-free" club - YIPEE!!!! I have a team member!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! However, I will still love you if you have to go back... but glad to know it isn't looking hopeful right now! GOOD JOB!!! EVERYONE!! CHEERS!!!! with chocolate bars of course!!! :) Keep us posted - but just relax for a few more days - will ya! :)


Becky Gray said...

I'm so Happy to hear your foot doesn't need surgery, and Jayce had a great first day of school. I guess your story has given me hope that I can give up the "diet drink" and still survive. I just need to find the desire??