Monday, August 10, 2009

Today is going to be


Update on the kids-
Jordan and Whitney are at the hospital right now- working on having our first Grandbaby! (she will be here today!)

Kelcey and Ben are pacing, as they wait to receive the keys to the home they just purchased. (They will get them today!)

Baylie made the High School Soccer team and has seven AM practices each day- including Saturday! and the team dinner tonight- after she spends the day boating with her friend Kenzie and her fam- shes super excited about both! (and her ride should be soon!)

Jayce is the first ever 5 year old uncle that he has ever met- And he knows alot about babies- "Do you know why Whitney has to be in the hospital to have the baby? Its because sometimes having a baby can make you feel a little crampy."
He has also been working on getting the Fo-hawk to stand up with no help from adults so Kel brought him the coolest hair wax- That pretty much made his day! (and his fo-hawk) and now he's ready to go meet Paisley- NOW!!!

It had made me think about how blessed I am to have this very busy family- each of our children have so much going on- great things- I dont know why we have to do it all in one day- BUT- its all good!!!


Danette said...

Yay! Get pictures up asap so we can see this little cutie! Congrats Grandma!

Jessica said...

Congrats! So exciting!

The Brown Family said...

Well you and Shontell are on the list of the top two most amazing, beautiful, YOUNG grandmas I know! Congrats! I am so excited for you guys. Give her kisses for me. Hopefully I will meet Paisley soon!

Josh & Leslie Warner said...

Another August birth day! to bad she couldn't wait 2 more days then we could have been twiners, but sharing the day with grandma fowlks is cool. Congrats!