Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today is a good day

for a mid-life crisis!

Except that I will not allow myself to feel that I have lived half of my life yet- maybe when I am fifty- but not now- no way- no how- cant happen---- BUT My oldest boy has a baby of his own, my oldest daughter has her own home, my baby girl is going to high school and preparing to DRIVE, and my baby boy is going to Kindergarten -on the bus if he has it his way- It feels like a good day for that mid-life whatever- This is a very strange place in life!

I LOVE our grand baby! She is perfect! And it is so exciting to watch Jordan become a really great adult- with a really great spouse! Kelcey is amazing! She and Ben just purchased and moved into a home! I am so happy for them- yet I miss her, I really really miss her!! And my little Baylie is becoming a beautiful young woman! Man-oh-man, 10th grade!!! Part of me thinks YIKES!! but most of me just wonders where the heck the years go- and then I remember that I am starting the school thing ALL OVER AGAIN!! Kindergarten. FUN! OH BOY! What was I thinking?
To top off the week, I am COMMITTED to a diet that required me to lose the Diet Coke and obviously chocolate is out of the question- and I have gained one pound -GRRR! so I am bit less cheerful than I would like to be- and just to save you the trouble of telling me that I don't need to diet- let me fill you in on a little FACT- at 9 months pregnant with Jordan, Kelcey and Baylie I weighed about 5 pounds more than I do right now- and I am NOT 9 months prego so I think I could use to lose some of the LBS I am packing around!

Even if it requires me to give up the diet coke that I love.

Even if I am a big grouchy bear for a few weeks, or months.

Even if I dream of peanut butter and chocolate every night.

Its time! And maybe I will even start jogging again- who knows!

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The Olson Gang! said...

OK HONESTLY!!! The diet must go! You have too many things on your platter to even consider a DIET right now - what are you thinking? You are going to be plenty busy - that you will burn off whatever that darn DC could even think about putting on! You know that saying - one thing at a time... well, you've got like 20 things going right now - so BACK OFF LADY!!!! Go get a DC and your peanut butter cup and ENJOY life!!! We like you HAPPY!!!! :)

I love ya!!! and I mean it all in the most sincerest, nicest, concerned ways! :)

When is GNO???