Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's not all it's cracked up to be!!!

Seriously, I was not made to be a bed ridden person. Sometimes I think it would be nice to just chill for a day- but, usually my fantasy involves a nice peaceful swimming pool with lots of sunshine and an endless supply of Diet Coke on the rocks and chocolate!

The reality STINKS!

Since my graceful spill on Thursday, Ross has been awesome and is doing all he can to make me comfortable- unfortunately I am not making it so easy on him- I can only hop or crawl- basically from bed to the toilet or shower and back- then I am worn out. Hopping up or down the stairs at our house is a great workout- and I just don't have the energy for it! SO, I talked Ross into getting me some crutches. I knew I could find a way to keep the weight off my foot for five days! Unfortunately I am a little awkward on the crutches and there's some fear (and I hate to admit it but its justified) that I may end up with more broken bones if I continue to pretend like I can use crutches.

For now- here is what we know. I have a fractured bone in my foot.The break is controversial- according to the emergency doc- so it all depends on the Orthopedic surgeon as to how we go about treating the break. One specialist may say "Surgery and 6 weeks recoevery"- the next may say "hard cast and 6 weeks recovery" and the next may say "its all looking great- go jogging in the morning and you'll never have another problem!!" (okay, I might have made that one up!)
So I see the Specialist Monday-- While Ross is living my life and following the cute kindergarten Bus everywhere it goes and seeing that Jayce gets off - ITS HIS FIRST DAY!! I will be sitting in a "specialists office" learning the fate of the next 6 weeks of my foots life. I will let you know how it goes!


The Olson Gang! said...

Isn't there a unwritten rule somewhere that "protects" mom's against broken bones? I mean seriously - "who has time for that and be a mom?" They just don't go together - not like Diet coke and chocolate that's for sure! I'm so sorry - I can imagine your anxiety on the first day of school - and not being there - NOT FUN! NOT FAIR! Dang stinkin' stairs! Let me know if I need to pick you up and do the "follow-inconspicuously" routine.... just like the old days... you know - when we'd follow the 'boys' we liked around - and of course they NEVER knew it! TAKE IT EASY! Will ya!!! We've got things to do! :)

The Brown Family said...

I second Shontell's comment! We just aren't cut out for broken anythings... but wanna hear something funny? You might laugh... I do... a little... remember our fun little dancing we were doing? Well..... remember how bad my knee was hurting? Well... it started again durning a kickboxing class. Turns out I have a meniscal tear... all from our dancing... it just keeps getting aggrivated. UGH! Obviously... someone greater than us knows us better than we know ourselves and wants us to SLOW down or something? And obviously it isn't working! LOL!

I can't wait for next weekend. Hope your foot is okay to go. We think we will head out early saturday morning because traffic will be horrendous Friday night.

Love you...

Tell Jayce to have a great day at school and on the bus... oh my! Love him!