Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dragon Breath

Jayce has foot nails, leg pits, leg bows, and puts on leg sleeves instead of pants- so I was not too surprised when he woke up last week with Dragon Breath- After all we have been watching Harry Potter non-stop for the last 30 days- dragons breath sounded like a very normal thing. Dragons breath made him tired and grouchy- and the fire in his belly hurt. I thought he was taking the imagination a bit far- and then I woke up with dragon breath!
Dragons Breath makes your throat burn- not really sore- but it burns- and it makes you feel SO tired- I even fell asleep during the Temple dedication-right in my chair- and the fire in my belly was rotten, and it makes you feel pretty grumpy, hence the rotten Monday. I think we have kicked that dragon throat for now, And I hope it stays away from you!

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The Olson Gang! said...

EWEEWWWEEE!!! I hope it stays away too!!! I hope you are feeling better... Where are you? I've tried to reach you... Do you need me to bring you some DRAGON SOUP?!?!?! I hear it works wonders on DRAGON BREATH! I think I'll go and cook some up... Let me know when you are home ~ or perhaps I'll just knock on the castle door and run!

Sending you some dragon flies - to rid you of the DRAGON breath!