Thursday, March 5, 2009

What was I scared of......

A tribute to Dr. Seuss

I was walking in the night
And I saw nothing scary.
For I have never been afraid
Of anything. Not Very.

My favorite story says it all
Reflects the way I feel-
The scary things seem small
and sometimes they aren't real..

For example, Baylie rode the bus
from school to home today
The first time in 14(and a half) years
that she has traveled home this way

The second day she missed that bus
then had to call her dad
he wasn't really happy,
be he wasn't really mad.

Then strange things have been happening
when I stay up too late at night
The printer makes some screaching noise
and gives me a real fright

Then there is this man voice
that sometimes I can hear
I cant quite make the words out
but it instills a little fear

I have never admitted to that last thing
my kids would have me committed--TODAY!
But once my sister heard it too,
And what was I to say?

I have heard a male voice speaking,
from somewhere in the house.
Usually near the kitchen,
and I know its not my spouse!!

That's what I am scared of!!

It seems interesting that the land that we live on
goes back generations on the Fowlks side.
Ross's Great Grandfather was the
original owner of the land and the family
claims to have seen Grandpa Joe around now and then.
Simply looking after his family- watching over them
now and then. I have always hoped that Grandpa Joe
would not take a liking to Shelli- because she is a
bit of a CHICKEN! and I really do not like the idea
seeing ghosts!- Hearing them?? Well- I do not like
that idea either- but it has happened- maybe once
every few months and it is never a loud, frightening
voice- really a very calm and reassuring voice.
Sometimes I have thought that Jordan must
be here- so I have gone into the kitchen to greet
him, only to find myself alone. Weird, but
now that I have vented, I think this is okay-
in fact, maybe it is even awesome! To think
that there is possibly an ancestor just looking
about, seeing that all is well with his family,
maybe even saying "Hello"- that's cool. I can live
with that! (I think, for now!)


The Olson Gang! said...

I moved from a house
that had a mouse...
but hearing voices from a man...
let's say - I think I would scram!


:) I think it is to late...I think grandpa Joe has already taken a likin' to you... and why shouldn't he! You are fun and lovable...and I'm sure he has a sense of humor and sometimes enjoys the "heart start" he gets when he visits you! :) You're in good hands!

The Brown Family said...

I am willing to bet that Grandpa Joe is laughing with you while I am not there. Maybe that is why we are the only ones who "hear" him... he thinks we are as funny as we think we are!!!!!!!!! No need to be scared, although... I have to admit... it scared me a little bit too!

Becky Gray said...

Bailey just told me That it is her uncle who is staying with you... You just hear things! I love Bailey! Shellie, I totally think we have Dads, uncles, grandparents, watching over us from the other side.

Megan said...

love dr. seus. i think that is creeeeepy but cool. i dunno i guess if it is a peacful thing then it is okay. but i personally don't like hearing things. hahawhat house do you live in? that is cool that the land has been in the family so long.