Thursday, February 26, 2009

St. George, Soccer and San Diego

February has been a busy month for us.
Murray Max played in The WInter Soccer Tournament in St George over Presidents weekend. This gave us the perfect excuse to visit with Ross's parents and family in St George. They were nice enough to come to a few games and spend some time with us! (Thanks!)

We returned Monday evening so that Ross and I could re-pack and fly out on Tuesday Morning to San Diego. Ross had some business to attend to and I went along for fun!
We were able to eat at some great places and visit with my sister and the kids in Tumecula- about an hours drive from San Diego. We went to our favorite hangs there- Point Loma, Old Town and Sea Port Village and we found a few to add to our list- like the GasLamp District. I think that I could find a bench near the ocean and sit for days! It is so beautiful and peaceful!
We saw a few cool sights- like a submarine being pulled to the shore- and some huge ships heading out to the big blue beyond.
At home, we were invited to a soccer meeting for the teams and Baylie received this awesome trophy. She was voted Outstanding player of the year for by her teammates and the coach had some nice words to say about her- which I cant quote- but I will do my best- "Baylie brings a lot of energy to the team and her ball handling skills are exceeded by none other on the team. She truly is a friend to each team member."
I would have to add that she truly sticks up for these girls- If (I) ever say anything negative about one of the teammates- she bites my head off!!


Becky Gray said...

Way to go Bailey!!! You are an awesome player! St George was fun.

Pauline said...

Looks like you had fun in San Diego, it was good to see you all and enjoyed watching another soccer game I will miss that next year when Sharise won't be playing anymore.

The Isoms said...

What a fun month!
Way to go Bailey! That is awesome!