Thursday, February 12, 2009


After the Interviewing process with Unified Fire Authority, Jordan is sitting at #1 on the "Chiefs List" - this is the list that the hiring board gives to the chief- it is their recommendations based on the entire testing process. I am so very proud of him!
Still, it does not guarantee a hire- but its looking promising for him!
(By the way- this information is top secret! - Don't tell anyone until I give you the go-ahead!!)
You are awesome Jordan!


The Brown Family said...

Oh that is soooooo awesome! I knew it would happen for him! Nice job Jord, congrats!!!!!

Can't wait to see you next week :)

Becky Gray said...

that is so awesome... we are very excited for Jordan! I hope he is hired soon! Oh yea Ill try to keep the secret!

Megan said...

fingers are crossed!!!! good luck jordan! ! ! that is super exciting.