Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Valentine!

According to Mr. Webster, a Valentine is simply a card or a gift sent to ones sweetheart on February 14.
He then explains that a Sweetheart is a beloved or dear person!
We all have our special sweetheart. Ross is mine, and my children are right up there with him (and I consider my Daughter-in-law one of my very own as well!)
But when I think of all the people who are BELOVED and DEAR to me- that encompasses nearly everyone I know! So it would then be appropriate to send you each a very special Valentine!
This is that special Valentine! I hope you like it! Even more than that, I hope you know how much you mean to me! I am a very lucky lady!


The Olson Gang! said...
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The Olson Gang! said...

(Sorry that deleted message was me... FINGER HAPPY again!!! :) )

Love the Valentine!! SEE!! you are so thoughtful!!! WAY TO GO!!!

NOPE! Mom has not taught me the 2 crochet hook thing... THANK GOODNESS!! oh wait!! I'm offended!!! Actually - she KNOWS better! I can't even do the "normal" hook...let alone the double! Who am I kidding?!?! hmmmm

Ok - here is the secret... shhhh... I'm on Facebook - but haven't a CLUE how to use it! I'm on TAGGED and I'll tell you this much - besides not knowing how to use that one too (stop laughing!) I'm sick of being "TAGGED" by all these people I have NO CLUE who they are! And WHY they are tagging me! or for that matter HOW THEY FOUND ME! I feel like my every move is being watched... is that how it works? I'll log on and see if I find you... (on Facebook) - but I can't promise that it will be any different - (I don't get it!) (I don't understand how to use it!) I know I'm DUMB!!! Computer dumb too! :(

Thanks for the cheery notes though! I look forward to hearing from you!!! and if you notice my "posting" times... see why I can't call anyone! I know - someday I'll be a better friend... which includes sister, daughter, mother, wife... all at the same time ... all those hats we wear! Someday they will all nicely mold together and look so distinguished and put together - but for now... I'll do the "jumbled" look and pray that when that distinguished time comes, YOU'LL still be my friend-sister-friend! LOVE YOU TONS!!!

hey! When is the next trip... soon??? Sorry I couldn't make the Disney trip... I'm still working on loosing a few pounds, inches... OK a LOT of them! sheesh! My goal is to fit in that suitcase next time! :)