Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 Random Things about ME!

I did this on Facebook not too long ago- so feel free to skip it if you cant bear anymore!

1- I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters.
2- I used to be a gymnast- no longer that talented!
3- I HAVE to scrub my shower out each day after I shower- cant help it!
4- A psychiatrist once told me that I am an OVERACHIEVER who sets goals to under-achieve! (I just want to be normal!)
5- I am terribly shy and dislike being put on the spot- or being in a spotlight.
6- I LOVE sports- Baseball and Basketball especially- but I will watch all sports.
7- I am addicted to Diet Coke. It is breakfast, lunch and dinner- snacks too! (Becky G- I always feel better when you bring your Diet Pepsi to the early games! Its good to have a fellow drinker in the AM!)
8- I have a brother who is living with us! He is a great guy to have around!
9- My sisters and sister-in-law(s) are amazing people to me. I am incredibly lucky to have a great family!
10- I live next door to my in-laws, across the street from a brother-in-law and a few houses down from an aunt, uncle and cousins- then a few houses the other way is another aunt and another cousin and her family---- well, you get the picture! It has not always been easy for me but I enjoy it more and more!
11- You may wonder why I was seeing a psychiatrist?!? I wasn't (not saying that I shouldn't) but he is a neighbor who is very observant!
12- I love San Diego and Seattle! LOVE THEM!
13- I have never traveled out of the country (okay- I did go to Mexico) But I dream of going to Ireland and Scotland- and then Australia!
14- I am absolutely terrified of flying- making #13 nearly impossible!
15- I love a long hot bath- all alone- with a diet coke and a good book! Does not happen a lot but I love it!
16- I love to jog.
17- I lettered in gymnastics in high school.
18- I was a cheerleader- freshman, JV and Varsity- and an odd one as I was soooo shy!
19- I LOVE watching my children. Jordan has a calm, quiet presence that is great to observe- watching him interact with his wife and his siblings is really great! Kelcey is feisty and impatient and little things set her off- and then in a snap shes calm and nice! Baylie is goofy and quiet and sarcastic- can tick Kelcey off in a flash and she knows it! Jayce has a huge imagination and LOVES his family!
20- I get a little too chatty when I am typing- WEIRD!
21- I dislike talking on the phone and will not answer the phone unless I recognize the #. I know- Sometimes I don't even answer it if I do recognize the #! Its nothing personal- just me and my silly fears!
22- I am a sun baby! Maybe its being born in July? I love the sun and would sit all day long in the hot sun if I could! (And if the dang sun would shine here!)
23- I have no real talents. I do a lot of things but none of them well- I just don't have the patience it takes to be really good at anything.
24- I had a radical hysterectomy a few years ago!
25- I am tired!

I am tagging Shontell, Kerryne, Becky C. Britnee, Leslie, Suzette, Pauline, Amberlee
and everyone else who would love to play!

My next post will be Ross's BIRTHDAY post. And have I got a funny story for you! I can hardly wait-


Becky Gray said...

Shellie, you are so funny. I love #4 and then #11. You have a great family.

Sally said...

I didn't know you were a fellow phone hater!!

You are too talented at lots of stuff, being a great friend is one of them!

Megan said...

i loved the 25 random things! i thought i would add on a couple of things i have noticed about you if you don't mind....

#1you have great style and always dress way cute! i envy your wardrobe.

#2you teach some of the best lessons in relief society.

#3you make the cutest hand outs EVER.

#4you have an adorable son, whom is creative and a real smarty.

#5 you strike me as a wonderful mom.

The Brown Family said...

You don't give yourself any credit for how talented you are! My favorite is the ability to laugh so hard that you pee yourself (not everyone can do this).... your hilarious.... even if I am the only one who "gets" it most of the time... Your so very graceful (runs in the family) and to top it all off your an AMAZING sister, friend, mom and wife and I love you so very much. Hope you are having a good day, miss you tons