Wednesday, January 28, 2009


A pirates life for me!
Today was Pirate day at preschool. I "forgot" my pirate costume, but Miss Karen had an eye patch waiting and ready- so that was my costume. I pushed it up onto my forehead- it is not easy seeing with an eye patch on! The kids had a blast being pirates for the day. One project involved a map. They had to draw the classroom and mark where they thought the treasure was hidden. Jayce loved this part. He drew a room marked with a letter "P" and the lines showing where to walk and then the "X"- which marks the spot. When Miss Karen asked what the "P" stood for, He said "That's where we pee."- Smart for a pirate!
Because of Pirates Day- I will be avoiding my favorite Diet Coke stop for awhile- Miss Karen had the responsibility of reminding me to remove the eye patch before I left school! VERY FUNNY MISS KAREN!

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Megan said...

what a smarty pants you have for a son! lol. such a smart kid.