Friday, January 2, 2009

Lessons from 2008

5 things I learned in 2008

1) It is better to be poor and wise than rich and foolish.

Teacher- the Bible. I finally read the Old and New Testament. This seems like good advise. I am all over the POOR- ALL OVER IT! and so I am working on the WISE!

2) A foolish man has much to say, and a wise man says little.

Teacher- once again the Bible! Note to self....... STOP TALKING!!!

3) If your "Leg Sleeves" are too long- just tuck them into your shoes!

Teacher- Jayce. I have not personally tried this, but I am keeping it in mind. you never know when you might run into problems with your leg sleeves.

4) My car has EYELASHES- or wind whippers, or wash winders or wind wipers or - whatever- just call them eyelashes!

Teacher- Jayce. He is one smart kid!

5) Don't eat the crunchy ones!

Teacher- my niece Pajha, who is an avid nose picker. But she is picky about what she eats and the hard ones wont do! Shes only putting the soft ones in her mouth! Great advise but I think I will pass!

I tag YOU!
Name 5 lessons you learned in 2008 along with the resourse or teacher.


Becky Gray said...

Jayce is one wise kid!!!!

The Brown Family said...

He is one wise boy! And my Pajha... I mean who else can say that they have an expert nose picker in the family??? She knows her boogies! :) Love you