Monday, March 9, 2009


Not now, silly! 19 Years ago! Okay so its old news, BUT Since Kelcey was born in March I decided to devote my blog to her this month. This will be a month of a mom remembering Kelcey. It should be fun. Prepare yourself for DRAMA!
Lets start at the beginning shall we?
Back in those days ultra sounds were not so great, so we didn't know we were having a girl- but I knew, the way a mom knows- good old intuition!
She was born on march 26 1990 weighing in at 6 LBS and 6 oz- 18 inches long
She had a great head of hair- dark black- stood straight up! And Grandma Duke instantly coined her the "Indian Baby" She also had colic, and regular bouts of croup! Most of our pictures of her in the early days are of a screaming baby- and a mommy holding her (I was screaming on the inside!)- A complete mommies girl. She cried for everyone but me!
Just for the fun of it (and because I found her baby book- yeah me!) Here's a look at the names we had picked out for our little one.

Jayce or Jase or Jasteon

Kelcey, Kelsee or Kelsie

Thats the exact list- weird that I think I have to give myself spelling options-
But still a bit interesting. We have only just begun. Pics and more to come on the life of Kelcey!


Sally said...

You are so funny! You totally fooled me! I thought, omigosh, she's gonna have a baby and grandbaby the same age!!!

Can't wait for Kelcey month! Love that girl!

Becky Gray said...

that is so cute!!! I may steal you idea. Sami has Birthday this month and on the same day too. Happy Birthday Kelsey!!

lori said...

I like the idea too! Don't tell Kelcey but I think that pic of her when she was 14 looks a little like Dez. You can at least see the family resemblance.

Josh & Leslie Warner said...

I want to see some "Spice Girl" Pic too.

Des said...

Everyone always says that we look alike, the poor (I mean lucky :) girl! Aah, I remember that cute 14 year old girl who made me want to love her and pull my hair out at the same time. She sure is a great kid. I'm so proud of her! Love ya, Kelcey! I'm glad that we can share looks and birthday months! :)