Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The DARK ages

WARNING- you are now entering the DARK DAYS of Kelcey.
Jr High had its good moments- Kelcey learned to play the flute. She also went back to piano lessons and seemed to be happy. She sang in the school choir.
On the other hand she was becoming friends with some questionable characters and pushing her abilities to make her own choices to new limits.
Jr High ended- high school began.
My princess was lost- abducted by aliens maybe! I could only hope that she would return unharmed- safe and sound-
The mother in me began to question agency- I love it for myself, but I hate it for my children. Yes, she knew right from wrong, but she obviously wished to make choices that would simply make her life more difficult than it needed to be.
I cant tell you what went through her head- but I can speak from a parents point of view. I gained a very deep love for our Heavenly Father during this time. I learned for myself how difficult it is to watch your child struggle and suffer. I learned that no matter how much you want to help them, no matter how much you love them, they can and will and must make their own choices. They will suffer from some of those choices. I spent a great deal of time praying for her and mostly, just kept my heart open to accept her and love her always- no matter what!

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Kelcey Kae said...

your one crazy old woman!!! i love you!!!!