Sunday, October 11, 2009

Today I just feel different.....

This is the first thing Jayce said when he opened his eyes today- then as the day went on he continued to try to explain this feeling to me- THEN he asked if he could have his own BLOG so he could tell his friends about it. That's a NO on the having your own blog at age 5- so I am telling his story.

Jayce: When mom puts sunscreen on me it "smells" like the zoo, or the pool, or the beach.

Smart mom- she knows when to use the sunscreen!

Well, today when I woke up I just felt different-(these are some of the things Jayce said throughout the day)
It "smells" like it should be Halloween.
It "smells" like Pajha and Peyton should be here.
It "smells" like I should go to aunt Shontells to see my whole family, because that's where we all go to eat.
It "smells" like uncle Cameron came home-- where is he?

I think what he is saying is that it FEELS like FALL! And last year at this time Pajha and Peyton and Kerryne came to stay with us for a few months- and we miss them terribly! Cameron was also living here and we miss him more than I can say! And Thanksgiving is at Shontells- thats where he LOVES to go- to see Bry and Rissi and Grandpa nad Grandma Duke and all the gang!
Yep- I would say it FEELS like FALL!!


Appliance Pros !!! said...
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The Olson Gang! said...
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The Olson Gang! said...

I so agree with him..... WHERE IS EVERYONE!?!?!? Did they miss the "FALL" memo????

I just love this kid! :)

As well as some other peoples :)

Are we on for Thanksgiving this year??? Being that Kerryne will be here???? - I'm planning on it!

Let me know!

(sorry - those 1st 2 were from me... I was having computer issues... yes! OLD AGE issues! SHEESH!!!! - but I'm feeling better now) Sorry to waste spaces.... ;)