Monday, September 6, 2010

A new job-- plus

Jayce has a new job. Turns out he has a talent for begging for money. The neighbors cute kids set up a little toy sale after school each day- and he is their door to door guy. He literally goes to every door in our circle and invites them to come to the toy sale EVERY DAY! Because its his job- one day he came home with a pocket full of money and when I asked what he sold this was his reply. "Well, Aunt Suzie gave me money for absolutely nothing, and her friend bought the magnet that I had in my pocket."
It pays to live by family I guess. Thanks Aunt Suzie and her friend! He wonders if Uncle Mike has more money than a dollar on him- I guess we will have to see. (Mike- if I were you, I wouldn't answer the door!)

And there is more funny news- He also believes he is a Leprechaun! The reason- he has funny shaped ears AND he loves gold- so it must be so! While driving to our recent family vacation- he spotted "A HERD OF GOLD!" To me it appeared to be a hillside of very dry brush- but that's because I am not a Leprechaun!

I have HOMECOMING news also- but I think I will wait for pictures!

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